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Make Yourself At Home


By Aaron Reinwald


       Isaac and Edwin Sharpe lived in a White Victorian mansion that was approximately 3,139 Square feet. It had beautiful white tiled floors with black borders around each tile. Isaac had long dark hair, brown eyes and glasses. He had a long face shape and was about 5’5. Edwin had blonde medium length hair that he parted in the middle. He had a triangular shaped face, blue eyes and a wide smile. He was about 6’5. There were pictures on the walls of them, from when they were children, in golden frames. The boys were both roughly around 100-101 years old. Of course, no living human could last that long and stay so young, but they were vampires. Edwin was 19 and Isaac was 18. In 1916, Edwin and Isaac were walking down a road in Chicago, when they were approached by two scantily dressed women. The redheaded woman was curvy and had a wide smile. The blonde was skinny, but she had a nice figure, beautiful eyes and good head of hair. They made eye contact with the two brothers, took them by the hand and then walked them into their place of business. The two girls apparently both owned a bar in town, it had brown wooden floors, wooden walls with nails bent all over them, it looked extremely run down.


      The two girls led the boys up the fairly unstable staircase and into two separate dark rooms. The redhead led Isaac into the room left of the stairs. Isaac was in a trance, she took off his glasses, then his trench coat, vest and white shirt. She decided to leave on his black pants and black boots. She rubbed his chest for a moment, then her eyes turned almost blood red, as she bit into Isaac’s neck and he yelled in pain, immobilized by her power. The blonde girl led Edwin into the room to the right of the stairs. At the exact same moment that the redhead was taking Isaac’s top off, the blonde was taking Edwin’s black blazer off with his tie and white button down shirt. She decided for fun, she’d take off Edwin’s black slacks and boots. She felt him from his legs all the way to his shoulders. While he was in her trance, she pounced on top of Edwin, knocking him to the ground and viciously dove her fangs into his neck as he yelled in pain, trapped on the ground. That is how they became vampire slaves for the girls, until they got bored of the brothers and sent them on their way.


      Isaac was gazing up at the moon one night through the front window with a red curtain hanging over it, when he noticed a police officer drive up the long and narrow driveway. Panic struck Isaac, as he thought of the victims they drained and buried. He called up to Edwin as Edwin came down the steps. “There is an officer outside, he’s approaching the door!” Edwin smiles and leaps down the flight of stairs to the floor. “Allow me!” The doorbell rings as Edwin dances over to the door. Isaac pulls his shoulder back before he opens the door. “What if he’s here about the bodies!?” Isaac silently exclaims. “Deny, deny, and deny, my dear brother!” Edwin chimes happily as he opens the door. A chubby bald Caucasian man, with a mustache and a brown trench coat is standing on the porch next to a tall black police officer with a shaved head.. “Evenin. I’m Detective Brooks, this is Officer Bryan. I’m in the area, because I’m trying to find out what people know about a series of missing persons cases in the area lately, mind if I ask you a few questions?” He asked. Edwin smiled, stepped aside and gestured towards the living room. “Certainly, come right in gentleman.” They walk into the foyer and then Edwin walks towards the stairs. “I’ll be right back, I was in the middle of a very important Skype call when you arrived. I need to reschedule the conversation for a later date...” He said as he smiled. They nodded and walked with Isaac into the living room.


      Officer Bryan stood in the entry way, near the foyer as Isaac and Detective Brooks sat down on the black leather couch that’s placed against the white wall, on the right side of the room. There is a door in the center of the room, as you walk in, that leads to the kitchen. There is a fireplace to the left, with a gold vase upon the red brick mantle. There is a bookshelf near the right arm of the couch, as well as two other leather chairs against wall near the kitchen door, both chairs on the left and right side. “Now, we’ve been told you frequent a bar on Clark Street called ‘The Edge Bar.’ Is that correct?” Bryan asked. Isaac nervously nods, “Yes.” “You were there on September 19th, 2016. Correct?” Isaac looks down. “I’m… Not sure…” “Yes or no, sir?” Brooks persists. “I could have been, we don’t exactly write every meal and drink on our calendar, sir.” Isaac gazes over at Detective Brooks apologetically. Detective Brooks tosses a picture into Isaac’s lap of a blonde woman wearing glasses, she had a long face and a pointy nose. “Mary Hart, are you familiar with that name or face?” Isaac’s cell phone buzzes as he stands up and reaches inside his coat. Officer Bryan sees him turn his back to them, reaching inside his coat and reacts. He pulls out his gun and fires 3 rounds into Isaac’s back. Isaac turns around, fear in his eyes as he shows him his cell phone and falls to the ground. “Oh Sh..-” Officer Bryan begins to say, when in a flash of light, Edwin flies down and bites into Bryan’s neck and snaps it with his hands, knocking the officer out. In that same second, he flashes over to Detective Brooks, who stands up, waving his arms at Bryan. Edwin whips behind him and sinks his teeth into Brooks’ neck, wrestling him to his back and draining him of all his blood. He looks down at his brother, who gets up off the ground. “Would you like to take the next one?” Edwin asks Isaac politely, gesturing over at Officer Bryan. Isaac sighs “Why not? We’re already in this deep..” Isaac replies, as he pins the officer down and bites into his neck. The officer wakes up and starts to struggle, but Isaac’s bite seems to weaken him.


            After he finishes, Isaac wipes his mouth and stands up. “Now what are we going to do? They are the police. People will be looking for them.” Edwin smiles, “Simple, we are going to turn ourselves in..” Isaac’s eyes widen as he stares at his brother. “What?! Are you insane?! We’ll go to jail! They’ll stake us!” Edwin picks up Bryan’s gun and shoots both Bryan and Brooks in the center of their forehead and smiles. “There… Now they won’t think we drained their blood. We’ll be just like the rest of the killers out there..” “People get STABBED in prison, some by wooden stakes!” Isaac shouts back. “Not if we get them first…” Edwin replies, still smiling.


      Isaac flashes back to 1916, when someone in town caught a glimpse of Edwin's bloody fangs and noticed he had no reflection. The whole town ambushed them one night when the brother's went out for a walk and surrounded them with torches and stakes. Edwin took a risk, he grabbed his brother's arm and bolted between two people, barely escaping, with their blazers a tad burned. Isaac did not want to face that again.


              An hour later, the brothers show up at the police department with one bag each. The woman at the front desk asks “May I help you?” Edwin smiles at her. “We’d like to turn ourselves in.” As he dumps Detective Brooks’ head onto the counter and Isaac follows by dumping Officer Bryan’s head beside it, on the right. 3 officers see this and pull out their guns. “Get down on the ground!” One of them shouts. As they both lie flat with their arms at their sides.


            The next day, they were in their holding cells. Isaac was in his bulletproof glass cell with a chubby Hispanic male with a round face and a shaved head. He wore a white tank top and had sleeves of tattoos on both arms. He apparently enjoyed using a straw to fire spitballs at Isaac. Isaac tried to remain calm. In Edwin’s cell there was a big muscular Caucasian guy with a wife beater and a tattoo on each arm. He walks over to Edwin and grabs Edwin by his button down shirt collar. “Why don’t you turn around and let me show you a good time!?” Edwin’s eyes flash yellow for a second as he says “Listen garlic breath, go brush your teeth!” his cellmate looks around as if he was confused and then he proceeded to go brush his teeth.


            Edwin and Isaac shower side by side, hours later. “I really hope you have a plan, Edwin. There is only so much I can take before I lose control and snap.” “Trust me, brother dear! I do..” Edwin said with a half-smile.


            During lunch, they waited in line. The prisoners were budging in front of each other as a sign of domination. This muscular black guy with a shaved head, an oval shaped face and a bushy beard, butts in front of Edwin. Edwin looks up at the guard towers, then glances over at the guards standing in position around them. He looks over at the cameras and smiles. “I’ll be right back!” Edwin exclaimed. In the flash of a second Edwin managed to put all the cameras on pause and went back to his spot in line. Then in another flash of a second, he flies around to both watch towers and flashes his eyes to put the guards in there to sleep. Then he whips back to his place in line again and whips around each side of the cafeteria, knocking the security guards out one by one. He returns in line with two nightsticks. He wedges them into one of the entrances, to block anyone from entering. Then he grabs the rest of the nightsticks from the other officers and blocks off the remaining entrances. He whips back to his spot in line and smiles at Isaac. “See, brother? When your anxiety gets as big as a whale and swallows you whole, just make yourself at home! Now…” Edwin says, looking around at all the prisoners, with the guards out of commission. “When do we eat?” Edwin asks with a smile as they prepare to pounce on their prison inmate buffet.